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“I’m lucky enough to be at a company that really values developer happiness, but there are some shops that view non-senior developers as disposable assets. They’ll work new employees until they burn out and then replace them with another fresh face who’s eager to prove themselves in the industry – working harder for less money. This is one of the reasons for the industry’s high burnout and turnover rates, and it means the developers that work their way up at these studios are either the most determined or the most stubborn – but not necessarily the most creative or the most fulfilled.”

There’s an analysis article up at Gamasutra by Leigh Alexander looking at what’s rotten in the state of Gaming – peeling back the lid on an industry built around play, and finding problematic toxicity and unhappiness in the games business, from developers to media to the audience they both serve.


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2 thoughts on “Unhappiness in the gaming business

  1. hellojed says:

    Yeah, that mirrors my experiences with game devs at the GDC; unhappy and hostile to outsiders. With a few exceptions, naturally.

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