It’s all gaysparkleponies from here on out.

by WolfDaddy
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Mr. Chilton thinks World of Warcraft’s market share may one day be cannibalized by another MMORPG.  Which one would that be?  World of Warcraft II?


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4 thoughts on “It’s all gaysparkleponies from here on out.

  1. slitherrr says:

    It looks like World of Warcraft II is exactly what he has in mind, from that article.

    • WolfDaddy says:

      Blizzard has long hinted that they’re developing an entirely new IP in the MMORPG genre. I just don’t see that. Blizzard does three things, and three things only: Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. Granted, they do them very well, but I have a hard time imagining anything other than another WoW (or World of Starcraft/Diablo) toppling the original from its MMORPG throne.

      Also: for those of you who don’t get the gaysparklepony reference.

      • TooMuchPete says:

        They created Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo out of whole cloth. They’ve supposedly been working on this new IP for three or four years now, and they likely have the clout to pull in all sorts of amazing talent to design and build it.

        If Blizzard wants new IP, they’ll have it and, honestly, I don’t know why they wouldn’t want new IP. Everyone wants new IP.

  2. joedan says:

    I dunno, Star Wars: The Old Republic looks pretty promising. It’s being developed by BioWare, who know how to make a good RPG.

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