Important Internet Opinion: And Yet It Moves

by Arkhanist
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This one’s been sat in my steam queue for a while, and finally got around to giving it a go. It’s really rather fun, even if I do now have a tendency to panic when I see the mass of whitespace below this text, and feel the disconcerting need to turn the browser around.

You see, it’s a 2D puzzle platformer with a twist. Literally, a twist. You can run left and right and jump, but the key mechanic is you can rotate the world around you as well. Gravity always points downwards, but it means that you can be safely standing on the floor, then rotate the world and you’re now falling parallel to a wall. Rotate it again, and you’re now falling away from the ceiling. Rotate it 180 degrees, and you’re falling back towards where you started.

Fall out of the map or hit the ‘ground’ too hard and you’re dead, and it’s back to the last checkpoint to try again, though you can survive impacts on slopes easier than flat surfaces.


It’s a clever game mechanic, where you can take a jump in the air and through smart rotation slide through a maze without ever touching the sides, and safely land on a narrow pillar that becomes a ledge on the other side. You quickly adjust to jumping over obstacles that become something else entirely at 90 degrees, and sliding through gaps and crushing areas that you couldn’t cross without twisting about.

There are also puzzles where you need to rotate rocks or creatures around through tunnels and mazes so they can clear your way, using only gravity to move them – all the while keeping yourself safe from being dropped, crushed or eaten.

As a puzzler, it reminds me very much of the way you need to wrap your head around time in Braid, or 3D jumping in portal. It makes your head hurt in odd ways, and that’s just how I like it!

Graphically it’s in a style all of its own – you play a paper man in a torn paper world with ripped out pictures of greenery and creatures on top. It’s stylish, simple, yet alluring. I also love the music, it just really makes you want to keep going.

At $4.99 or £3.99 (50% off) until the end of the week in the Steam summer sale, it’s a great little buy.


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  1. Grither says:

    Looks pretty cool… I have to check out more of these Steam sales when I get home from work. Definitely gonna add this one to my list!

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