Full Glass Empty Wallet: Week 1 Winner!

by hugecranium
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The First LevelsOfDetail Win Stuff Contest has closed, with excellent entries from all. Thanks to everyone for playing along!

The entry that stood out for me was this one:

My favoritest spaceship of all time is definitely the lego one I built. It looked almost exactly like this one. Except it was white with blue rockets on the side, obviously.

My ship and I traveled all over the galaxy together. We didn’t care about faster than light travel not being possible, we did it anyway! Usually we’d stop by the moon first thing in the morning to say hello to the little green men that lived there. Sometimes we’d blow them up, but I’d always feel a little bad about it afterwards. Anyway, next stop would be Mars cause come on, how cool is that? We were on friggin’ Mars! As the morning wore on, our journey just got more and more fantastic. We’d hop from Mars to Jupiter, flying straight through the big red dot (since the ship was invincible, this was no problem), then we’d weave through the rings of Saturn, then on past the no-longer-a-planet Pluto, out into the galaxy proper.

Here is where we had our best adventures (after our afternoon nap, of course). We’d run into all sorts of trouble and adventure, like the time we battled the five legged horn-shoggle, or the time we just barely escaped the clutches of evil snagglefirth. Luckily I always had my trusty ship to save me from trouble and get me back home to earth in time for dinner!

Man, I wish I could find that ship, I haven’t played with it in weeks! Must be under the couch cushions or something.

We Have A Winnar Here!

Congrats Grither! You will receive an email shortly to claim your EXCELLENT PRIZES.

Thanks too to everyone who entered. Come back and look for a new contest shortly, for the winning of more Excellent Gaming Prizes!


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2 thoughts on “Full Glass Empty Wallet: Week 1 Winner!

  1. Grither says:

    Woohoo! I’m just lucky Sapphire Bullets added the “Don’t include me in the contest” thing at the end of his post…

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