Have you been a Naughty Bear?

by Arkhanist


If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a BIG surprise.

Amongst all the pre-order hype over games like Halo Reach and Starcraft II, I spotted this little furry fella which should be launching in a few days on 360 and PS3. Impressions at E3 were positive. I mean – mass intimidation, torture and murder of fluffy teddy bears, all to rack up the best score for the most inventive and scary kills? What’s not to like? For some reason, I’m really looking forward to making a teddybear off himself from sheer terror. Does that make me twisted?


Plus, multiplayer:

505 Games has just released details on the multiplayer modes, which include Assault, Cake Walk, Golden Uzi, and Jelly Wars. Assault consists of two minute rounds where red and blue teams of bears take turns alternating between defending and assaulting an iconic statue in town. Cake Walk is about tracking down the cupcake and holding it as long as you can to rack up the highest score. Golden Uzi is all about trying to get your hands on the Golden Uzi of Doomness and eradicating your fellow bears. There is one catch, you only get points with Uzi kills. Jelly Wars is the ultimate mode for strategy and team play. Once you’re dead, you’re doneski. If you work properly, you can repair each other, assist in transporting key items and objects, as well as repairing them. Three players will have to build the ultimate mixing machine to make five jellies to transport safely, if done well, these three bears win. The other Naughty Bears will try to destroy the three bears or all the jellies and claim victory for themselves.


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  1. Grither says:

    Oooh this looks fun, definitely gonna pick it up! Oh wait, is it gonna be downloadable, or will I have to actually buy a disc?

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